This is the official website of I Am Mindanao and its offshoot campaign, PeaceKwela.

I am Mindanao is a campaign which seeks to address violent extremism in Mindanao.

It aims to tap into the potential of junior high school students in countering violent extremism and achieving lasting peace through peace initiatives and campaigns both online and in school. It aims to appeal to the young, making them  see peace as a “fun” endeavour, albeit with serious implications.  Thus, #PeaceKwela (kwela is a Filipino term for “fun”).

It can also be read as PeaceSkwela, as the word skwela in Filipino means “school”; thus saying that peace can be experienced and practiced in school.



Did you know?

  • violent-extremism

    The danger of violent extremism has now become more crucial than ever in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao.

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    A jewel afloat the Pacific filled with mountain ranges, valleys, hills, rivers, and seas that are blessed with the abundance of nature’s resources. Mindanao is the place to be and because of this we’re willing to stand up for her. What other products are in your place that you can add up to the list? Let us know!

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    There is a difference between a violent extremist and a domestic terrorist.

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